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Mothers and Teachers and Teachers and Mothers

To have mother’s day and teacher appreciation week in the same week leads me to thinking of all the people that most influence all of of our lives.  Whether it be our mother or father, our best friends mother, our … Continue reading

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Starting the Day on the Right Foot

I get up at 4:45AM, start the coffee, glance at the days weather report, do the little bit of exercise I have the time for before I have to start waking up the kids.  I have to make breakfast, make … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: It’s Not The Thought That Counts.

Mother’s Day, like Valentine’s Day and birthdays, comes with high expectations.  Although, unlike those other days that celebrate an individual, Mother’s Day celebrates the fact that mothers tend not to celebrate their individuality, but rather to do for others most … Continue reading

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Accepting Your Child For Who They Are

    As a flip side to the coin we flipped last week with our entry about expecting more from your child, I would also like to offer up the scenario of parenting a child who has difficulties functioning in … Continue reading

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Expect more! (From your child…)

As parents, it’s our natural inclination to protect our children.  We want the best for them, of course!  The best schools with the best teachers, the best food, the best friends and the best toys.  Who wouldn’t want that for … Continue reading

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Morning Meeting – Don’t Start Your Day Without it!

Much has been written over the years regarding the importance of a meeting in the morning for classrooms; for the students to join together in a group and share ideas, to talk about what the day’s schedule is going to … Continue reading

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